Illustration by Charles Bragg
Heeber Finn ...
A Chicago native, Mik moved to California for the cheese. Now, he’s reprising the role he played in “07’s.  Some of his favorite roles have been Sgt. Williams (Tracers), Arthur (Camelot), Sir George Croft (Mrs. Warren’s Profession), SSgt’s. Rooney & Cokes (Streamers).  Commercially, Mik has been spokesman for Miller, Budweiser, Sears, Ford Trucks, MCI and for a while, he was “The Camel Man” (though never a smoker!).  He’s appeared in over 200 commercials, TV shows & feature films, including recurring guest star roles on "The Practice," "City of Angels," a regular stint on the nightime Soap, "Valley of the Dolls," and a whole bunch of sitcoms. He has written and will soon be starring in the feature film, "Sprinkle The Infield."  A special thanks out to the sweatiest bunch of guys since his football days and Mary, Joe, Murph, Little Timmy and of course, the one and only, Ray Bradbury.   
Mik Scriba